GD&T protocol requires that all measurements be taken at 20 degrees Celsius...

GD&T protocol requires that all measurements be taken at 20 degrees Celsius to achieve the desired tolerance. However, in a continuous effort to perfect the repeatability of our rods, Oliver takes this concept even further.

We apply temperature control to our entire manufacturing process. Our state-of-the-art climate controlled facility, based in Michigan, is maintained through four HVAC systems, automatically preserving a targeted temperature range within four degrees. In a pressing effort to remove any human or mechanical error during production, we’ve implemented this system to eliminate any expansion or contraction that may otherwise occur. Additionally, the positive pressure atmosphere keeps air particles reduced to minimum amounts and allows us to keep our coordinate measuring machine (CMM) on the actual shop floor. This means that our parts are measured in the same atmospheric and temperate conditions as they are machined.

The consistency in temperature carries throughout all of our measuring activities, in addition to our machines, fixtures and parts, leaving absolutely no room for variability. Once received into our facility, Oliver connecting rods are held within the same temperature window from raw material to finished product. Temperature control is just one additional example of how GD&T results in unmatched accuracy during production, placing the quality of Oliver connecting rods in a category above the rest.